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​​Puppy Information:

Here at Snowshoe Samoyeds, we are dedicated to producing sound, healthy puppies that will adapt easily to their new families.  Our puppies are raised in our home where they receive lots of love and attention and become accustomed to many sights and sounds associated with everyday living.  On nice days, they go outside for playtime and to learn about the outside world.

All puppies are vet checked at least once, sometime more before going to their new homes and will have been dewormed several times, have their first set of vaccinations, and be microchipped.  Puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club.  All pet puppies are placed with limited registration with spaying or neutering required by 12 to 18 months of age.  I do occasionally have puppies available to show homes as well which may be placed on co-ownership until certain requirements are met at my discretion.
I am very selective about the homes that my puppies go to.  If you are interested in a Snowshoe Samoyed, please provide me with as much information as possible about yourself and the life you can offer one of my puppies.  This will help me to place the right puppy with you and your family.

Contact me either by email,
*Fill out the Puppy Buyer Questionnaire:
I take reservations (deposits) for puppies in advance so that I know my puppies have homes waiting on them when they are born. Balance of payment for puppies is due in full no later than 1 week before taking your puppy home.
About a week before puppies are scheduled to go home I will send out an email with all the supplies you will need to purcahse including food information.  I will also attach a copy of the contract for you to review and ask any questions you may have.  Contracts are signed when the puppy goes home. A copy of my contract is included in your puppy folden to take home.
You will be put on my waiting list in order of when I received your deposit. Please note:  While I will try my very best to get you a puppy from the litter you are interested in, being put on the waiting list does not guarantee you will receive a puppy from a particular litter. There are simply too many variables in placing puppies to promise anyone a particular puppy from a particular litter.  Things such as litter size, how many show puppies are in a litter, gender of the puppies available, etc. are simply a few of the variables.  In some cases, especially with small litters their may be NO pet puppies available if all the puppies seem to be show quality. If it happens that there is not puppy available from the particular litter you are waiting for you have the option of waiting for the next litter.  
I always reserve the right to decide who receives one of my puppies. Finding the right home for each puppy is of     utmost importance to me.You ALWAYS have the right to decide not to take a puppy even at the last minute. I never want anyone to feel that they must take a puppy once they have been put on the waiting list. However, generally deposits are non-refundable. I also do not have any problem with people being on a waiting list for other breeders as well.  Performance puppies are ALWAYS chosen first and their placement takes priority over the choosing of pet puppies. This is in part due to the particular requirements for show puppies.  Show quality puppies are ONLY placed in homes where I feel they will be shown.  
As a general rule I will be the one choosing which puppies go to which homes. This is of course done in close consultation with the puppy buyer to insure that everyone gets the puppy who best fits their requirements. If none of the puppies available are suitable you may wait for the next litter or go to another breeder. I am always happy to make referrals to other reputable breeders.
Puppies usually will go home between 7 - 12 weeks depending on when I am able to determine which puppies are potential show dogs and if the pups are mature enough to go home.
Payment for puppies is due in full no later than 1 week before taking your puppy home unless your personally picking up your puppy then the remaining balance may be paid at pickup.  The buyer is responsible for any costs involved in shipping of a puppy/dog including shipping costs involved if the puppy/dog is returned for ANY reason. This includes show puppies that are unacceptable to the buyer for any reason. This includes but is not limited to air charges, health certificates, crates and travel expenses.

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